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Have you ever had lucid dreams?
The kind where you're in control, almost awake- bridging the conscious and unconcious. They're so vivid in the moment, but the details are still lost.
Do dreams die, or are they just forgotten?

You have ventured into the mind of Shawn Francey. Welcome to my new website. It has been precisely engineered to manipulate your emotions.
Stay a while and listen.

The Premium Store

Apr 12, 2022 newer version uploaded
Genre: Windows 95 Consumer Pop  ( a work in progress )

A song exploring the deeper questions of life. For example, if you haven't upgraded to this year's new shiny glass Rectangle, how can you live with yourself? Premium Store is an uptempo sales song with digi-Toms and a 100% smooth All Natural synthetic sax. Don't just get lost in mindless consumerism... celebrate it. Today!


New song uploaded
Genre: Electronic Released: Dec 4, 2020

Runaway is a rewrite of a song I did in 2010 called Flying. I wanted to create a modern pop sound but somehow a harpsichord worked its way in. This is my most technically advanced song to date and my 1st time recording & mixing vocals (an art form in itself).


New song uploaded
Genre: Soundtrack Released: Mar 3, 2021

This is a blend of orchestral and synth sounds to create a cinematic soundscape. It ended up being a nightmare to complete because an unexpected Windows update bricked my machine. I also made a video for this song, you can view it by clicking here

Bog Rock

Song uploaded 7-10-21
Genre: Rock ( a work in progress )

For this song, I wanted to stick with traditional instruments found in 70's rock for a warm, organic sound. Guitar, piano, bass, drums, organ & tape delay. This song is inspired by the bizarre, other-worldly sites of the wetlands.


Song uploaded 7-10-21
Genre: Rock ( a work in progress )

Memoirs is a blend of acoustic instruments with lyrics describing the vapid self-absorbed self-importance of modern people.

Poole Lullaby

Apr 12, 2022 newer version uploaded
Genre: Lullaby ( a work in progress )

An experimental song with slowed piano riffs and layered choral harmonies. All drowned in reverb. You'll hear synth bells reminiscent of Vangelis. Poole is the manufacturer of my piano, based in Boston. It was built in 1935. The 1st lyric is hard to hear: "Keys of Ivory". I'm still working on the ending and another section I need to record.


New song uploaded
Genre: Techno Released: 2020

A song for my racing game written in the style of classic Need for Speed games. I wrote the rhythm section but used a samplepack for the riffs.

Space Force

New song uploaded
Genre: Techno Released: 2020

This is a rewrite of Helicopter crash. I like the punchy 80's-sounding snare and fat FM synth chorus. The guitar solo is a blend of synth and samples. The song follows a common 1-2-3-2 chord progression found in 90% of all pop songs, making it predictable and catchy. I usually try to avoid this progression though because it's lazy and difficult to break out of.